Yay!!! SUPERBOWL! WOOHOO! I sound excited right?!!? I mostly get excited for the food…the game just happens to be on =) Most people go to big Superbowl parties, eat, drink, watch the game… AWESOME! Do you make good food choices or totally throw it out the window… I mean some people consider this a holiday?!? An excuse to eat whatever & feel like junk the next day!? Well, let me tell you, there is a way to eat all that you desire & still not kill your gut!!!!! YES!!! I just wanted to throw some food & app ideas out there for anyone who may be hosting or bringing a dish to a party!! (Can’t show up empty handed!!) These dishes are totally Superbowl worthy, will be liked by EVERYONE & super easy to whip up!! Sunday is right around the corner people! Get moving!!

Food & App Ideas:


Paleo MEATZA – This is 1/2 ground turkey, 1/2 ground beef, mixed just like a burger mix (almond or flax meal, egg, etc), add some cumin, chili powder, salt & pep, make one big “burger” but flatten out, bake until almost cooked completely. 375 for about 15 mins (time varies, contact for specifics) Take out, top with sauce, veggies, onions, grass-fed cheese if you’re feeling fancy, whatever you like! I like the guacamole on top, yum!


Sweet Potato Fries:

Slice up some sweet potatoes into “fries” or wedges, Put them in a bowl with some olive oil (only alittle to coat them, you don’t want them too soggy!), salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin (i looooove cumin) & a sprinkle of chili powder! Bake in a preheated 500 degree oven for about 15-20 mins until cooked and browned!


Paleo Pizza: This is my pizza crust recipe (available for order in any quantity @ any time, GET YOURS FOR SUNDAY!) It’s topped with sauce, ground turkey & veggies.


Sausage & Peppers: Super easy to whip up! Saute some garlic in olive oil, add onions & peppers, then your sausage! I like Longhini sausage patties ( I hate that gross skin on the links). I typically finish it with a red sauce, but its awesome plain too!


BBQ Pulled Chicken: So forever now I have been doing my “pulled” items in the crock pot. I mean how else would I do it?? Until one night I’m thinking Ok, I want pulled chicken, I don’t have 6 hours to wait…unless I’m having dinner at 1am. No, I’m not. So here is what happened. I took a package of chicken breast, rinsed & trimmed them. Put them in a pot covered with chicken stock. Brought to a boil until they were cooked, about 12 mins or so, & they shred so easily with a fork!!!!! I know, brilliant! I drained the liquid & added some homemade BBQ & killed it! That night, it was served over zucchini ribbons, but you can have it plain, on some flax bread, with a salad, whatever!


Last but not least….BACON…mmmmm mmmmmm! Not only bacon, but Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes! Did I just die & go to heaven?? Yes.. Another easy party food. Great for a big crowd. It does involve some chopping & toothpicking but you’ll survive. First things first….I have made this mistake before… be sure to soak your toothpicks in a bowl of water prior to putting in the oven!!!!!!! Now, back to the food. Take a couple lbs of sweet potatoes, chop into cubes (not too small, but small-ish so that they don’t take forever to cook!) Take a package of Unsulfured, nitrate free bacon (sounds great right?? ;)) & cut into 2-3 in pieces (needs to wrap around the sweet potato cube). Wrap around cube, secure with toothpick & bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 20 mins or so until potato is soft & bacon is crispy!!!!

WAIT!!!! What about sweets?? I mean bacon is delish I know, but you can’t have a party without desserts! Here are just a couple of ideas. My Paleo TOGO Menu has a ton of other options if you would like to bring them to your fiesta!!

3592_10152243224176494_1035846401_n APPLE NACHOS

Paleo Coconut Bars & Chocolate Brownies …. I’m drooling. These are available for order at any time, especially for Sunday! & then we have Apple Nachos! A quick easy treat!!

Apple Nachos:
Take a couple lbs of apples (any kind) Cut them into thin slices & put in a bowl of lemon water. (Prevents them from browning!) Then when you are just about ready to serve. Lay them out on a dish or platter. Heat up some Sunbutter or Almond Butter & Drizzle all over. Then add whatever toppings you’d like!! I chose 60% dark chocolate chips, almonds & coconut! That’s it! They also refrigerate pretty well, just in case you have leftovers =)

Have a fabulous, well fed (no excuses now!) Superbowl weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Beloved….Pasta!

So, if you are familiar with paleo, then you of course know that pasta is a big NO NO! This includes white pasta, wheat pasta, & actually some gluten-free varieties! We all love it, but unfortunately it doesn’t love us back, which is why we can’t be friends, sad, i know! =( Besides for the fact that its high carb, high calorie, & pretty much empty of any nutrients…it also can hurt our digestion & spike our insulin (yikes!), leading  to energy crashes & weight gain….I’m sure you all know the deal!!!! UGH!! What do we do?!?!?! I’m italian….I mean, pasta 5 nights a week was not unheard of, so lets talk substitutes!!

Zoodles!! (aka zucchini noodles)


YES!!!!! Looks like pasta right?!? Love these! I call them “zoodles” so Paige thinks they actually are pasta! SHH! She has no idea, so these are totally kid approved! I shred them with a julienne & either cook them in some olive oil in a pan for a couple of minutes or drop them into boiling water for a few!!! Drain them, squeeze out water (don’t burn yourself) & top with sauce! Or you can get creative & try these dishes!


Zoodles with Grape Tomatoes, Broccoli & Garlic


Zoodles with Chicken, Bacon, Peas, Garlic & a teeeennny bit of cheese 😉

Spaghetti Squash:

Probably the easiest thing anyone can make. Cut in half, scoop out guts, microwave for about 20 minutes, then shred with fork! Piece of cake! (*Tip: I like to shred it right into a strainer & leave it there until it cools, otherwise it tends to get watery!) They hold up so well & again, you can put whatever you want on them! Sauce, olive oil & veggies, whatever!

spaghetto squash spaghetti squash

spaghetti squash 2

&& my dinner for tonight…. Spaghetti Squash topped with Sausage, Onions, Spinach & Garlic, drizzle with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Rosemary! YUM!

& my final favorite!

Kelp Noodles:

EASY, EASY, EASY! Less work than throwing a box of penne in boiling water! I know what you’re thinking….kelp?!? Like from the ocean kelp?!? YEP! An edible seaweed with almost no carbohydrates, sugar, or fat, how can you go wrong?? They actually contain 15% of your daily CALCIUM! Crazy!

kelp noodles

To prepare: Remove from package, soak in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes of so. It helps to soften the noodles. I then use them mostly for a stir-fry type dish! They’d be awesome in soups too! They have almost no flavor, so whatever you cook them in, it picks up that flavor!


Chicken & Kelp Noodle Stir-Fry ….. pure amazingness. Don’t be afraid to try these babies!

So I’m sure you can see how my pasta desperation evolved….but look at all of these awesome dishes, super low carb & good for you & your belly!!!! Safe to say my pasta is not coming from a box these days! Anybody interested in any of these recipes just give me a shout! Leave a comment or find me on facebook =)

Bye Bye for now ! =)

Who said pizza isn’t paleo?!?


Yup! I know you’re drooling! Long behold beautiful Pizza!!!! Your eyes are not playing tricks! Although you do see cheese (c’mon it’s Saturday!!) the crust & other ingredients are purely paleo! I have been working for a while to actually make a crust that you can pick up! That’s all, no fork & knife necessary! Well I’m off to eat this delicious pie! Bye bye for now:)


First post… What do I want to say?! I want to welcome everyone here. My main goal at this point is to get my Paleo Menu out there for you guys to see, share & enjoy! This is all very new to me, this public version. I have been cooking & baking for quite some time. I prefer things mostly PALEO STYLE, as you’ll see in my menu =) It’s pretty much a list of all of my favorite things I like to make & eat! Check out the menu & lets hear the feedback!!!

paleo card