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Ok…so I went to an awesome hot yoga class this morning. What an intense 90 minutes! I’ve tried all sorts of different yoga classes, this one so far has the rest beat! It’s this little studio in Clinton, Pradipika. Amazing. So anyway, my workouts normally include lifting heavy weights, doing a lot of strenuous movements, doing things as hard & as fast as I can…which you’ll know as Crossfit. I love that! I have been wanting to find a happy balance though, between Crossfit & Yoga. This week especially, my body felt like it needed a good stretching! Yoga seems to be such a good change up, especially for a cross-fitter. You get your body nice & warm, and your muscles get such a good stretch! Not only that, it’s such a great time to clear your mind, empty your annoying thoughts & just focus on you for that hour or so! I’m telling you, you feel so good after, inspired!!!!!!!…especially after releasing all of those toxins & sweating like a pig! (No seriously, my shirt…SOAKED!) I guess you can’t help it in a room that’s about 100 degrees!! This is definitely something I am going to try to keep doing on the regular! **Be warned though….some people think yoga is just sitting around stretching…well don’t let me spoil it…I’ll just say this…it is not for the weak (physically or mentally) & be prepared to get killed!!!! You’ll see 😉 Sometimes these yoga classes are harder than the WOD! ( I am NOT exaggerating!) So I am in no means a yoga pro, I have probably gone to like 15-20 classes…I do find the whole practice so interesting though! I just wanted to get a little more information on the subject! Enjoy & Try it out!!

Here are some benefits of practicing some hot yoga:

  • Flexibility (yeh…try putting your arms in a pretzel under your legs & balancing.. craziness!)
  • Strength (like holding all of your body weight on your arms?! You’ll have to see to understand!)
  • Cardio: your heart works the same way doing yoga in a heated room as it would running a mile! Did you know you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 90 min class?!?! Nuts!!!!
  • Detox: All of that sweat has benefits!!! Releasing those toxins from the body & stretching out the muscles!
  • Focus: Sometimes it is very hard to focus on the position at hand, but from my research, I’ve heard that your focus on your movement can transfer into your daily life.. Focus! (I’ll have to see that for myself =))
  • Healing: Hot Yoga is also known to reduce symptoms of conditions and illnesses including diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and obesity. WHAT?!?!?

**Found this info @ http://yoganonymous.com/eight-benefits-of-hot-yoga/



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