DIY Laundry Soap!

Ok, so if you know me, you know I love “stuff”… Clothes, food, housewares, lotions, makeup, hair products, household cleaners, WHATEVER! & then if it’s on sale… oh em gee. STOP! More importantly, if I can make it myself?!?! YES!!!!!! Ugh, i love these moments, I just feel brilliant!! So anyway, back on track. I have been trying to make a lot of the things I like & need to use as opposed to buying them in a store at full price. (YUCK!) I’ll expand on this more as I make more products. For now, laundry soap it is!!! Phew, I’m excited!

Ok here it goes.. So, I know in my house, 2 people, probably 4-5 loads a week. That’s a lot!!!!! I can’t imagine a house with like 5 people! UGH, I can’t even think about it. I was using Gain for a long time. My favorite!! The smell is amazing, clothes nice & clean. $20ish for 150oz….not too bad. They say it lasts 96 loads. (Maybe if you have a boyfriend who doesn’t pour it into the washer from the bottle!!!!!!!!!!!) I’d say it lasts 3 months or so, at our pour rate! I was just over buying laundry detergent so often at a high price! So after searching for different recipes I started mixing!! It is a powder form, costs me $29 to make, smells amazing, more importantly WORKS AMAZING & …..hold your breath….lasts over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Doug is a mason, which means DIRTY CLOTHES, if this can clean his clothes then we have a discovery people!) I can’t even take it. Hands down, best laundry soap ever, not to mention easy to make. You guys will definitely need to give this a go! (Not to mention, makes such a cute gift, put in a little mason jar, with a ribbon! Ugh, to die for!)

I purchased all of my ingredients at Walmart, sometimes ZOTE bar soap I have to get at Home Depot!


(I’ve gotten the Zote finer before, I think I rushed this batch^^ Still works the same..)

Laundry Soap:

1 large box of Borax (about 4 lbs)

1 Box of Baking Soda Super Washing Soda (about 3 lbs)

2 Bars of ZOTE laundry soap (Yes, a BAR) They make pink or white, i prefer pink, the scent is better & of course it’s pink =)

1 Big box (4lbs) of regular baking soda or 2 (2lb) boxes

1 tub of Oxyclean (whichever kind) (3lbs) (SAVE THE SCOOP)

A small ( i go again with the ish!) plastic tub to store the detergent in.

**Optional: 1 or 2 bottle of fabric softener crystals. Purex makes some nice scents. I always add this because it smells so good!!

Grate your bar soap. I used my food processor, and it actually didn’t ruin it…and it was actually easy to clean! After you have that grated, the rest is smooth sailing! Dump everything in your bucket & mix up!! (Really mix well!) I saved the scoop from the Oxyclean to use as a scoop when I do the laundry! 2 TBSP should do the trick, maybe 3 if you’ve got extra grime!! =) I’m 90% sure that this is safe for an HE washer!

**These ingredients cost about $29, you can actually cut it back to just Borax, Baking Soda Super Soda & Zote Soap if you want to limit the ingredients and/or chemicals! I stick to this full recipe because it makes a lot & smells delish! I will do my best to be more green in other ways =) Enjoy!



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