Paleo Tortillas (Legit…Tortillas!!!!)


Soooo, I have piles & piles of recipes & bookmarked pages. I just surf through blogs & magazines DAILY (like, I have a problem….) & compile all of these different ideas for meals! I love this! This not only opens my eyes to new options, but inspires me in the kitchen! Tortillas were a very tricky idea! I was making Chicken Fajitas for dinner & would normally use lettuce wraps. I said let me just check out good ole google & see if anyone has a paleo tortilla idea. I stumbled across this BEAUTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I doubled the recipe & changed it slightly, but here is the origional link:

I used coconut oil in my recipe & I doubled it for about 6 tortillas! So easy to whip up & even better the next day after being stored in the fridge! I used them fresh for my Chicken Fajitas, then used them the next day for lunch with sliced chicken, lettuce & tomato! Unbelievable!



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