Mmm French Fries!!


No, not McDonalds…don’t get excited!!! 😉 Although I can’t stop myself from salivating slightly….I’m sorry, GROSS, i know!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, in my nutrition journey, I have had to say goodbye to my darling friends…the french fries….[tear.. :*( ] Ok, ok i’ll stop. So anyway, just like I always like to do..I like to re invent my old naughty foods!! PALEO STYLE! Yayuh!! So I wanted to give you guys some ways to use different vegetables (no white potatoes or deep fryer) to create “fries.”

sweet pot

Sweet Potatoes: Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Slice potatoes into sticks, like “fries,” skin on. Toss them in a bowl with A LITTLE evoo (too much makes them soggy), then add: cumin, garlic powder, pepper, salt & chili powder **I put them in order of how much I used of each. (for ex, I use a lot of cumin & alittle chili powder) I’m not much of a measurer! =) Toss them together, lay them flat on a foil lined baking sheet (easy cleanup) and bake for about 20 mins, turning halfway through until brown & crispy! (i like them burned!)


Rutabega: Love this tasty vegetable, excellent cubed, baked, mashed & FRENCH FRIED! Peel the waxy skin, cut into sticks & coat with some oil (olive or coconut) alittle salt & pepp (i put garlic as well, as I do everything!!) & you’re good to go! Put on a foil lined baking sheet & bake at 400 for about 25 mins, turning halfway through until brown, crispy & cooked all the way through!


Carrots: Peel carrots, cut into long skinny pieces, follow the rest of the rutabega instructions (temp & time). The spices can vary. You can use salt & pepp, or even cinnamon!!


Zucchini: My most favvvvvvorite, most versatile, go-to vegetable! Love love love!! Love those much that I actually never tried to make them into fries!! OOPS! But I have seen many recipes! Here is a cheesy fried like version: Let me know how they come out!!


Parsnips: Definitly one of my favorite vegetables, super tasty! Peel parnips, cut into strips. Put them into a bowl with some EVOO & some salt & pepp, even rosemary! YUM! Bake in a 450 degree oven for about 25 mins, turning halfway through!!


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