Time for a Challenge!!!



Tis the season for a little nutrition challenge!!! Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, vacations, Valentines day…. I am still feeling a little bit from each holiday!!!! I don’t know about you but I’m about due for a little extra discipline!! ( I think we all are!) So when a Paleo Challenge was announced through the gym, Shoreline Crossfit, I was like yep, sign me up! No time to even think about it or talk myself out of it, JUST DO IT!! Now, this is a “Paleo-ish” challenge, which means some things that are generally considered paleo in moderation are actually still allowed (for example, honey, dark chocolate, bacon…) I am happy about that, not meaning I am going to be bingeing on that, I will actually stay away from those extra fatty & sugary things for a bit. I say I am glad that these things are allowed, because sometimes when we go super strict for a challenge, we either end up failing, or doing awesome & then bingeing when it’s over! STUPID!! So, finding a happy, healthy paleo-ish balance is my kind of game! So here I am, Sunday evening, (challenge starts tomorrow) thinking about what sort of meal prep I will be doing for the week to ensure a successful journey! If you are signed up, are doing something similar, or just want some meal/snack ideas, then this should help! I wanted to compile a couple of meals & snacks that I will be making & packing for the week! Food prep is key in making sure you are eating right & eating enough! Don’t let your forgetfulness drive you to a drive-thru!!!! Hopefully you can get some ideas from the following yummies to keep you on track!!!!!! 🙂

I am dividing these things up into Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, but I tend to eat dinner for breakfast & lunch for dinner, so eat up anything @ any time!!!

Breakfast Ideas:

Chia Seed Pudding or “Oatmeal”: Chia seeds have many positive health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, aiding in digestion & boosting energy!! If you have texture troubles, you may have have to get used to this one, but I LOVE IT! My co-workers think I’m gross when I eat this tho lol! You can make this ahead of time in glass mason jars like I do & store in the fridge for on the go! 1/4 cup black or white chia seeds, 1 cup unsweetened coconut or almond milk, 1 tbsp honey (optional), 1tsp vanilla, pinch of cinnamon. Combine all ingredients, except seeds, to jar, then add seeds. Shake vigorously, break up with a fork if necessary. Let sit in fridge for a couple of hours or overnight. The seeds will expand leaving you with this awesome pudding like deliciousness! I add fruit or nuts to it & dig in!!! So yummy!


“Cereal”: I just call this cereal, but it’s simply 1/2 apple, cut up, a few nuts, (walnuts my fav!), raisins (if you’re getting snazzy), unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, & unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Now if you are looking for a little sweet, add just a DRIZZLE of honey! Let me tell you…DELISH!


Frittata (or minis!): This is a piece of cake. Simply because I use this opportunity to empty out the fridge!! I take 12-15 eggs, whisk up with some S&P, add every veggies I can get my hands on (you’ll probably want a little more egg than veggies tho), Mix up, pour into greased (EVOO or COCONUT OIL) 9×13 Pyrex dish. Bake at 425 ish for about 20ish (clearly i used “ish” a lot!!) minutes until set! This is great to make on Sunday & have for the week! Perfect hot or cold, as breakfast or snack! For minis, just divide into greased muffin tins! Excellent for on the go!

3 Ingredient Pancakes: Not as complex as some other pancake recipes I have come across, but this is great if you are craving something bready & don’t have all day to cook! 2 ripe bananas, 1 egg, 1 tbsp nut butter (almond is ok, or even sunflower seed, see past recipe;)). (Add a little cinnamon & vanilla if you have the extra sec!!) Mash up bananas, doesn’t matter if it’s lumpy, Mix all of the ingredients together. Heat up some coconut or olive oil in a pan (med heat is good). Pour mix into pan to form a few pancakes, cook until you see bubbles, flip & cook a little more! Enjoy! No butter or syrup necessary!

Here are some other snack ideas for on the go!!

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nuts (not too many if weight loss if the goal)
  • Home made trail mix (nuts, seeds, raisins, coconut, etc)
  • Fruit (not too much if weight loss is the goal)
  • Larabars (again, higher is sugar, natural sugar of course, but sugar = sugar!), you can buy these in the store, purchase them off of my menu or make your own!! SUPEREASY!
  • Applesauce (unsweetened & delicious!!, add cinnamon!)
  • Apple Frittata: Recipe listed a few posts back, worth making!! Especially for a sweet treat, it’s like pumpkin pie with no added sugars!
  • Turkey Roll-ups: I buy Applegate or Boars Head Low Sodium Sliced Turkey or Chicken breast, take a couple slices & roll up some tomato, lettuce, bacon & a smidge of organic mustard!! So amazing!

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I feel as tho I’ve typed enough for today, so you guys are on your own for dinner ideas!!!!! Pinterest & Google are awesome places to help out when in a dinner funk! & definitly look out on my facebook or future blog posts for some tasty dinner, snack, & sweet treat ideas!!!! Enjoy & eat up!!!



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