Challenge Day 13!

So, here I am … Day 13, almost halfway through this Paleo-ish challenge. I’ve done a few of these before & I’m pretty paleo most of the time, so I wasn’t really nervous about doing this one. The thing that WAS different about the challenge this time around, was my mental state! I felt GOOD! From the second I started, I just made my food & exercise a way of life, not a DIET or a RESTRICTION or CHORE! Your mind is your biggest strength & can sometimes be your biggest weakness. This is where your motivation, self praise & ability comes from. Those negatives friends that cloud our focus sometimes are the worst! I have been making an effort to cleanse my thoughts & really think! If I have to think “Should I go?” or “Should I be eating that?”…then I think I already know the answer. I & WE just need to be conscious & RESPONSIBLE for our decisions. Only I am in control of my body.. I think that the last couple months of yoga have really helped with this & improved my overall well-being! From my strength & core, my abilities & focus, my flexibility & breathing it has all improved! I’m not worrying about my scale, or how much I weigh, or am losing. I’m focusing on how I am feeling & how I am performing! My goals are very clear & I feel great! I am trying to keep the excuses & time restrictions on the back burner (as much as possible!) Your food & exercise should be enlightening, inspiring & exciting!! Here are a few inspirations (or PINsperations!!) & mantras that help me get through… (I definitely need a reminder sometimes.)

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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha.


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