smoothie celery

As you know I have been smoothie making like CRAZY!! I’ve been trying all different things, now I can easily stick with delicious honey, chocolate, sunbutter deliciousness, but that wouldn’t be so great for my BOD! I have been experimenting with different veggies to add some nutrients! Spinach (my fav!), beets, lettuce, now CELERY! I was looking up some recipes for inspiration & decided to throw a few stalks into my smoothie! First sip was interesting, then it all went down smooth!! Who would of thought that celery had so many awesome benefits! Throw a stalk or two in your shakes & you are gunna be feelin good!

  • Celery is mostly made up of water, so it’s great for anyone who is watching their figure!
  • 1 big stalk is only 10 calories! WOW! It can be used is so many things, other than smoothies, salads, as a snack with some sunbutter, soup…possibilities are endless!
  • Celery has shown to bring relief in the inflammation department…joint pains, even asthma & acne!! Crazy right?!
  • This next one is huge.. actually can help calm you down! The minerals in celery can actually soothe the nervous system!
  • Back to the mostly water part….this part, along with its fiber content, aids in digestion!
  • Celery is good for your eyes, containing 10% of your daily need of Vitamin A, also plays a role in reducing bad cholesterol.
  • I can go on & on!! I’ve even read that it can help with blood pressure, cancer, & in the bedroom!! (contains pheromones!!…eat up people!)

So, don’t forget about our other green friend, celery. Move over spinach.



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