Paleo is Gluten Free, Gluten Free is NOT Paleo…

Hey all,

Just wanted to do a little informational piece on this common misconception. I know it’s tempting to grab a box of those delicious chewy looking GLUTEN FREE chocolate chip cookies when you go into the grocery store, but think again! There is a common error in our thoughts about gluten. Obviously we want to avoid & eliminate gluten from our diets, that’s a big part of the Paleo Lifestyle, but going “gluten-free” is definitely not going to help us lose weight, stay lean or stay healthy! Eliminating this nemesis has to be in conjunction with a diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, some get it?! (i.e. PALEO). Simply grabbing a gluten-free treat from the store is not going to cut it, nor does it have any nutritional value or any place in your body. Plus, in some (or most) cases, when they eliminate gluten from a product, they add all sorts of extra additives to make it tasty (sugar, artificial sweeteners & some other things I can’t pronounce). I just wanted to touch upon that quickly before getting into some yucky gluten info (EEK!)

Check out some of these labels to give you an idea:

srgrg sdsdf downloadsgf sdfsdf

They are kind of hard to see, but among the cane juice, confectionary sugar, cornstarch, you’ll find a plethora of ingredients I bet you have NEVER heard of. Check out the one on the bottom right…. CHEMICAL SHITSTORM!

Gluten  is a protein found in foods processed from wheat and other grains, including barley and rye. Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives the final product a chewy texture. Gluten can be found in many products, from the obvious, bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, to beauty & health products, beverages (beer), ice creams, salad dressings & much more! It’s a sneaky little guy. With all these fabulous little treats comes a darling little problem… Celiacs & Non Celiacs Gluten Sensitivity. (very similar, except non celiac sensitivity doesn’t have such a horrible effect on intestines like someone with Celiacs) Loooooord help us! These both include similar symptoms from, cramping & bloating, to rashes & diarrhea. It doesn’t end there unfortunately. Gluten has shown to be responsible for a number of other issues, such as migraines, fatigue, obesity,  gastrointestinal problems, cancer (AHH) &  infertility (oh em gee). So typically “gluten-free” items are geared towards those with a particular sensitivity, not the people who are really focusing on eating clean. Paleo on the other hand, is a wholesome & nutritious way of eating. It is awesome for our body & brain & can help to reduce your risk for chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer & even Alzheimers. (CRAZY!!)


**Moral of the story, other than Gluten being bad, just because something says “gluten-free” does NOT mean it’s the answer to all of your health & dietary problems. It will NOT be beneficial in ANY way. Gluten free snacks, cookies, cakes, pasta, brownies, flours, etc, are typically loaded up with extra garbage & can sabotage our healthy lifestyles. Once in a while is not going to kill you, but just BE AWARE!!!!! YOU CAN NOT EAT LIKE CRAP & EXPECT TO FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD OR PERFORM BETTER. This goes for normal foods full of gluten & our sneaky little “gluten-free” friends. Now I know you must be thinking….”Well, uhh, don’t you bake Paleo Treats ALL OF THE GD TIME?! Yes I do, & yes there are “gluten-free” & “paleo”, but they are also: refined sugar-free, dairy free, iodized salt free, & HARMFUL CHEMICAL FREE. Even with all of those delicious bonuses, my PALEO TREATS ARE ALSO MEANT TO BE EATEN IN MODERATION PEOPLE!!!!!=) Focus on REAL FOOD…meats, fish, veggies, seeds, nuts, fruits…. the gooooooood stuff….& of course my Paleo Baked Goods every so often =)


If you want to research further into the topic & find out some other crazy info,  check out these books! They are awesome!

dfgdgd grain brain


**Anything important info I may have missed let me know!! =)


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