Spice it up!


When it comes to choosing spices to add to your meals or recipes, we have a lot to choose from! Even while in the grocery store, it can tend to be overwhelming! What some people don’t realize is that while spices make your dishes far more delicious, some spices are incredibly good for your body! Here are some yummy spices that I use almost every day!!

  • Tumeric: this spice contains antioxidants & anti-inflammatorys that can reduce depression. It also helps reduce the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels that form fat which helps lower body fat. This comes in a fresh root or powder form.
  • Ginger: Ginger contains a natural anti-inflammatory that helps muscle recovery time! This spice helps soothe & relax cranky tummies & our intestinal tract! Has also shown to suppress appetite & kick start metabolism! Also has shown to ease those “monthly cramps” (ladieeess??????) Stir into your shakes, or add in with some all natural apricot preserves with your pork chops! You can find it in a fresh root or powder form. YUM!
  • Cumin: Can reduce blood pressure, simply because this spice adds so much flavor that less or no salt is needed, so less bloat! =) Also, it has a good amount of iron & helps kill bacteria found in meat! Super yummy on chicken, pork, steak, sweet potato fries, really anything! This is my FAVORITE SPICE!
  • Cayenne: Helps in weight loss as it decreases calorie intake, shrinks fat tissue & lowers blood fat levels! The main ingredient for the hotness factor in this spice is Capsaicin. This substance has been studied for its pain relieving effects, cardiovascular benefits & even ulcer prevention! One more obvious bonus…thouroughloy cleared nasal passages after a good dose of cayenne! (c’mon we’ve all been there….)
  • Cinnamon: I do not even know where to begin with this magical ingredient. It can help regulate blood sugar along with helping to maintain bone density because it provides manganese. Has shown to aid in metabolism boosting as well! Has also been proven to help yeast infections, help with the stomach bug, IBS, even arthritis & depression!!!!! I buy this baby in bulk & I take it in EVERY DAY!

**I make a smoothie almost every day for breakfast. In every single smoothie, I put cinnamon, ginger, & tumeric!! Makes it taste delish & I love the benefits! Also, these added spices make your food taste more delicious & satisfying, also reduces the need to salt for flavor!! =) Start spicing it up! ❤


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