Sunday Funday!

Good morning! Is this not the most gorgeous morning?!?! I’m sitting in my porch, sun shining through the windows, sipping my coffee. This is a dream!!!! An even better part to this day is that I just successfully completed another head stand (what what?!?!!?), I do NOT have to head out to the grocery store again, AND I already did my cleaning on friday!!!!!! YES!!!!! So today involves a hike, a little cooking & A LOT of CHILLIN!!!! I love that…. Right now I am just looking out envisioning myself sitting on our patio! Soon!!! ❤ Today is going to be a light post… I just want to share with you guys the components of my favorite salad!!!! You may be thinking….easy! BORING! Yes, easy, NOT BORING! This salad is so yummy that I dream about it! I make it quite a bit & it’s so beautiful for enjoying when you have company over! They will be impressed….& so will you!


The Yummiest Salad Ever (great name huh?!)

*will serve about 6

11 oz package of Olivia’s Organic 50/50 Mix

3 small sweet potatoes (Sliced, halved, very lightly sprayed with oil, roasted at 500 for about 10-15 minutes until soft, let cool)

1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds

1/2 cup raw walnuts (or nuts of your choice)

about a 1/2 cup dried cranberries (fruit juice sweetened)

about 1/2 cup cubed grass-fed cheese (trader joes has a yummy kind!)

1/2 of a leek, about 1/3 cup (cleaned & trimmed, diced, traders joes sells them already trimmed!)

4-5 slices of bacon (I like extra of course, uncured, nitrate free, cooked until extra crispy, i like to use the broiler!)

Add all of these yummy ingredients on top of your 50/50 mix! Then top with you favorite homemade dressing. I use my Balsamic Vinaigrette which you can find in an earlier post:

*measurements are all guesstimated! I’m not a a little more or a little less is still going to be fabulous!




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