My Favorite Green Smoothie!!


Good morning all! It is now 6:30am, I woke up 5 minutes too late for the gym so I thought I’d be productive & type a little somethin somethin! Most mornings after my workout I indulge in my delicious POST WOD smoothie! It is delicious, tastes like a dessert! I wanted to let you all in on my heavenly treat! Especially now that at this hour you can have it todayyyyy…. right now ?!?! =) Get out your trusty blender. This one is delish!

Green Smoothie:

2 big handfuls of spinach

2-3 celery stalks, roughly chopped

1 frozen banana (I pre slice & pre freeze!)

1 cup  unsweetened almond milk (add more if you want it thinner)

3/4 cup green tea (I buy unsweetened brewed tea @ trader joes, you can brew & let cool)

few shakes of:

cinnamon ( i like a lot!)

ground ginger (good for belly)

ground turmeric

1-2 scoops of your favorite protein powder

1 tbsp of my homemade Sunflower Seed Butter (recipe is in a previous post, or use store bought natural sunbutter or almond butter)

**Feel free to throw in some ground flax, chia seeds or psyllium husks for a fiber boost! ❤

Throw everything in the blender & drink up! This will make 2 servings. I normally have one for breakfast & then the other a little later for snack time =)




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