Fresh Fruit Salsa

It feels like foreverrrrrr since I’ve posted!!!!!!! Life has just been so busy!!! We got a new pup, Rocco, who is pretty much taking up all of my extra time, among other things of course!! I have had so many post ideas, but it’s just actually sitting down & collecting my thoughts that has been the tricky part! With all that said, here I am. Ready to go!! This past weekend was the Branford fireworks. We went to our neighbors house for a party & OF COURSE I have to bring something…DUH! I was tossing ideas back & forth, simply because I’m used to serving Paleo People! Not that these guys don’t enjoy a good bunch of kale, I just wanted to make something that everyone could & would enjoy! I went to the grocery store, and strawberries were buy 1 get 2 free! I couldn’t pass that up, so Fruit Salsa was born! I have seen some other recipes for this tasty treat, except they were loaded up with white sugar, on top of brown sugar, on top of other sugary additives! I wanted to Paleo-ize this treat & still keep it sweet & yummy! After I made it, I was literally eating it for breakfast, snack & any chance I could sneak a taste before I went over to the party! It was definitely a hit & a crowd pleaser. The recipe was requested so here it is !


Fresh Fruit Salsa:

This recipe makes quite a large bowl, feel free to cut in half.

2 containers of strawberries, trimmed & rinsed

4 golden delicious apples, sliced thick

2 containers of raspberries

1 pint of blueberries (optional, I did it for the red, white & blue effect!)

1 lemon, juiced

3 TBSP coconut palm sugar

1 small jar of raspberry preserve/jam (I forgot the brand I got, but it was no sugar added & only sweetened with fruit juice!)

You can chop the strawberries & apples yourself into small pieces, but I did not feel like doing all of that. I got out my favorite tool, the food processor, & in small batches, pulsed the strawberries. You want them to be chunky, so don’t overdo it or you’re going to have puree! Dump them into a large bowl, Rinse out processor & do the same with your apples. Just a manual pulse a couple of times for a chunky result. Add the apples to the bowl. Squeeze the whole lemon over the fruit in the bowl. Add your 3 tbsp of coconut palm sugar & the whole jar of preserves. Mix everything up very well, then add your raspberries & blueberries & give a gentle stir. (If the raspberries mash up a little that’s ok!) Let this mixture sit, covered, in the refrigerator until you are ready to go. The salsa will get nice & juicy over time! I served this with cinnamon sugar pita chips (EEK! I KNOW, GLUTEN, OH EM GEE!) You are free to find a paleo alternative or just eat it with a spoon, that’s what I did! =) ENJOY! ❤


Here is my new baby, Rocco (on the top ;))




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