Protect Youself, Naturally!


Welcome to Summer! How amazing is it to feel the sun & the breeze?!? UGH! LOVE! && then there are our little friends…..the mosquitos!!!! YUCK! I have been trying to convert my household to a totally natural environment. By this I mean, household cleaners, soaps, lotions….& some other fun things! I am on my way! Now that Summer is here, we have to get the bug spray out right?! Well…..I was not into that. Most bug sprays that are out on the market can be completely toxic! The most popular additive, DEET, seems to be the serious offender! Here is an article on some of the effects of some bug spray chemicals.

It’s kind of scary to think about putting these chemicals on your body or on your children!! I wanted to create a safe, non toxic version. The chemicals in traditional bug sprays ARE used to prevent the wide range of disease that mosquitos can carry. I have NOT confirmed that my bug spray recipe does.  I’ve been using my spray & it seems to be repelling just fine, (it also smells amazing!!). Here is the recipe for the bug spray I have been using, I hope you enjoy!

Non-toxic Bug Spray

This recipe makes about 16oz.


8oz distilled water

8oz witch hazel

20 drops citronella essential oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

**You can play with other essential oils as well, my next batch I’ll use Tea Tree oil! The more oil you use the stronger your spray!

In a large glass mason jar, add all of your ingredients & shake vigorously! I then split up my spray into (2) 4oz bottles & (1) 8oz bottles. I store mine in glass bottles, that I got at an awesome price from: **I’ve heard that the oils can eat away at plastic, so I didn’t even take the risk! Shake up before using & use caution around your eyes! I hope you enjoy! ❤




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